i am the site of ihmelevyt - a record company.

i shall disperse you information about it, starting from now. ihmelevyt is an effort to fill a gaping void amidst the vast pool of authorities releasing electronic music in Finland. Finland is a country in northern Europe. i would sincerely like to delve into explaining the musical qualities of the music we are offering without using the words intelligent, or dance, or music, but i just can't. in my humble opinion, ihmelevyt releases idm, and that's that. you may call it rhythmic ambient, you may call it chill out, you may call it electronica, hell, you may even call it Frank and take it to the monthly barn dance to have a spin with those dancing shoes uncle Jackson gave you the day the world burned to dust with an amber-coloured flame. i don't care.

to me, it's just idm.


it all started somewhere. some people listened to some music at some point of time and met some other people. who knew some people. who listened to some music. somewhere. somebody sparked something. cartoons rolled on the morning telly. time passed by, along with the countryside, along with the lady in pharcyde's song. clubs clubs clubs. plans plans plans. a smiley 3 meters wide lay on the wall. i'm not actually sure what happened, but i'm quite sure that the date wasn't 25/09/1927, and i'm DEFINITELY sure that the winestains will come off when you apply enough salt for the right amount of time. time is important. or at least, time was important at some point of ...time. it was cold. man it was cold. the sun set.

and after this, ihme001 appeared.

what you basically have here is your run-of-the-mill 12" single, with two songs and two remixes, all of which are done by members of the pc (slash amiga?) demoscene. side a offers the listener a mite smoother & slower sounds, rumbling off with an original title by diskreet. it's immediately followed by a stunning, near-7-minute remix by esa ruoho that you just simply can't stop nodding your head to. i love it. side b catches the aural recipient off guard, upping the bpm ante and flushing the listener's mind of any peaceful reminiscences side a might've left there. listen it. crank the bass up. and when the final mumblings and drums have died... get ready for vae's remix. any info on this tune seems to be classified secret even beyond my rank, so i can't tell you much. i'd ask aleksi virta about it, but that martini-connoisseur of an agent doesn't seem to be around much these days... fighting evil is hard and time-consuming, you see. so i'm counting on you to check the second remix out yourself.

and enjoy.

thank you.


>>> IHME001 - technical specifications


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